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The book shows a lot of self-journey, trust, love, and revealing truths. I saw the book as a journey, and revealing scars and real truths. The tone showed how just with a journey, hardships, hurdles, you can uncover some truths. Uncover things and gain experience and a story to tell in the end. I really love your poem titles. They go great with the poems. If this is your debut poetry, then this is amazing. I really enjoyed the mood of it. I felt like I got a glimpse into what you were hiding, and you reveal it through words lyrically enough to understand.

Beta-reading’s report by FletcherNock

Phuong Huynh’s “I See A Garden In My Head” is packed with stunning imagery. Magical moments and memories are woven between the pages of her mind and the words of her heart, culminating in a truly captivating read from start to finish.

Anya Jiménez, professional playwright

… and these words leave me hopeful and happy that I traveled this journey with you, the narrator. May our faith always be evergreen.

Beta-reading’s report by Lili Bokan