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“Eden’s the present — a bridge to Tomorrowland, embroidered by yesterday’s hands” – Phuong Huynh

Be swept away by beautiful words that sing straight to your soul.

“I See a Garden in My Head” is a collection of poems by highly-skilled and passionate poetry writer, Phuong Huynh, who expertly twists and tangles raw emotions with beautiful lyric poetry.

This pandemic has not been easy on anyone. We have all had our share of grief and loss. However, with things moving so fast, we haven’t been able to take a moment to sit down with our emotions.

But you don’t have to face those emotions alone.

This collection of melodic poems is here to be your companion as you go through each of your emotions and finally let go of the things that have been hanging over your head.

Find hope and know that your journey to healing and acceptance begins here.

Inspired by raw emotions and what it means to be human, Ms. Huynh is able to weave strong emotions with stunning and wistful rhymes to properly encapsulate what it’s like to be alive.

With heart-wrenching poems that touch on topics like cyberbullying, adulthood realizations, healing, facing collective trauma, and more, you’ll surely find your place here.

Be reminded that no matter what happens, you can always heal. Get back to living your life with renewed purpose and a fresh new outlook on life.

After all, life is fleeting and it is up to us to make the most out of the time we are given.

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Please note: This is A Poetry Chapbook with less than 40 pages. This is not a narrative poetry book.