Phuong Huynh is a Saigonese poetess, creative writer, and ESL Teacher who is infinitely passionate about poetry’s innate power to heal and instill hope. While her poems cover poignant topics like loss and grief, she makes sure to infuse her free-spirited energy into everything she writes.
Ever since she was a child growing up in Ho Chi Minh city, Phuong has been deeply passionate about the art of writing and all it entails. Ultimately, that passion led her to obtaining two degrees (a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and a Master of Education in TESOL), starting a freelance writing career in multiple fields, and releasing her debut poetry book.

I fall for autumn — like falling leaves gently giving in.

- from my poem Eden

When she isn’t pouring her heart onto the page, you can find this avid adventurer hanging out with her best friend in dog form, playing the keyboard, working out, or learning new things. To find out more about Phuong Huynh both personally and poetically, make sure to visit her via social media platforms below.