You are currently viewing A Complete Editorial Review from Readers’ Favorite

A Complete Editorial Review from Readers’ Favorite

Hi guys, I’m more than excited to share with you the two latest editorial reviews of my poetry book “I See a Garden in My Head”. The one reposted below is an analysis written by Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite, one of the most trusted websites for Book Reviews and Book Award Contests.

Long story short, on 23rd April 2022, I got my first editorial book review and a four-star rating. (Can you believe that? Four stars for a debut book by a first-time published writer like me)


Reviewed by Diana Lopez for Readers’ Favorite

Phuong Huynh is a poet who shares her perspective of the world honestly. Her poems are emotional and are focused on everyday life. She talks about how valuable friendship is, but how fragile it can be when trust is gone. It also expresses notions about truth and lies and how painful it can be to discover a half-truth. It also has a motivational side that encourages us to move forward in our lives. I See A Garden In My Head: A Poetry Chapbook is a compendium that shows how even sad or hostile situations can be expressed in harmony. The author’s words help heal broken hearts and overcome conflict.

The presentation is good and the poems follow a coherent order in line with their theme. I was pleased to see Phuong Huynh recounting her vivid experiences so forcefully and from such a different perspective. When a friend hurts you, the wound is deep, and it can cost us to overcome that situation. At some point, we all go through disappointment and troubles with friends, but it’s our way of reacting that defines us. I See A Garden In My Head speaks of even more things and the author also reminds us that those we have known in the past are still part of our hearts. The language is emotional and accessible, so I found it very enjoyable to read. It is easier to enjoy poetry when it is expressed on a general level that anyone can understand. This selection avoids the superfluous and concentrates on the ideas the poet wishes to convey.

You can also access the review page HERE.

That’s all for today. I just want to say I am SOOOOOOOO grateful for all your love and support. There are millions of new titles being launched out there everyday, and you have chosen to pick up my book. I thank you for that 🙂

P.S: I want to save the next post for the other review which is from Reedsy Discovery as I’ve got so much to say about it. Stay tuned! I’ll be back soon.